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I've painted all my life exploring all mediums and have been excited by watercolors in the last ten years, letting go and yet in control-respecting the medium-frustrated then exhilarated. It's a process as in life- you never know...

While walking in a park, I saw a man by the water lost in thought which was the basis for "Solitude."

Not having an idea for a painting, I sat in a chair and felt unsettled until I realized this was a chair that was an island of comfort...the basis for "Sunday Morning."

Seeing a mail truck parked at a local cemetery amused me until I thought, "Why not"? People are missed but thoughts and conversations continue...the basis for "You've Got Mail."

The beauty of creativity is that it is organic. There is always more to learn and excite.

My work has been accepted in juried shows and are in private collections throughout the United States and in Great Britain.


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